Sy eget båtkapell

Model & sew your own boat canopy

It is not that difficult to pattern and sew a boat canopy yourself if you follow our instructions below. Consider using high quality boat cover fabric for best durability, you want to be able to use the chapel for several years. We sew in ourselves Docril boat cover fabric . A fabric that customers give us a lot of praise for as the quality is both felt and seen.

Things you will need are:

How to use:

Step 1: Here the arches are set up in the position we want for the canopy.
We have used tension straps, but it is fine to use e.g. packing tape.

Tips on how to sew your own boat canopy

Step 2: Here, the first piece of construction site has been laid out.
We start at the bow and work our way aft.

We also draw out where the seam on the bow should be, small alignment marks and placement of fittings.

We tape once more on the frame when the next piece of plastic is to be attached.

Sew your own boat cape

Step 3: Here, paragraph 2 is in place.
Now you draw in the same seam on the bow in this piece as well and the back bow plus matching lines.

Tape again on the back frame to be able to attach the last piece of plastic.

Instruction, how to sew your own stern canopy to the boat
Here we show you how to sew a boat canopy

Step 4: Last piece of plastic is in place.
Mark the last seam of the back arch and the placement of fittings.

Now you also notice the placement of zippers and windows etc.

Also mark which side is the outside/inside so you don't have to think about it when you have taken down all the templates.

Make your own chapel template and sew yourself

Picture of finished boat canopy :)

Finished aft chapel
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