Boat training

Safety is an important and significant part when it comes to boating. Not least, it is important to have trained and safe boat drivers, so that you feel safe with your surroundings at sea. Therefore, we, Seaside Marin, and Swedish Boating Training now have an offer to increase the safety of both yourself and others at sea. When you shop for at least SEK 700 with us at Seaside, you get a 20% discount on one of Swedish boat training's courses. They have, among other things, driver's license courses, skipper's exams and practical courses. There are both teacher-led courses and online courses. So shop with us and get the opportunity to increase safety for both you and others.

You complete your booking of the course directly with Swedish Boating Training and enter Seaside customer to receive the discount.

Click here to get to the Swedish boating education website.