Wash your boat canopy

Do a canopy wash yourself, and your boat canopy will last many more years

Washing is not as difficult as it may seem and the longer the canopy lasts, the cheaper boat canopy you have. So you have everything to gain.
It's never fun to sit under a moldy canopy. Probably not best for health either.

NOTE! Keep in mind that even if your canopy can withstand a canopy wash, your clothes or the surface you wash on may not. Wear clothes and shoes you are not afraid of.

If you have mold, use a good product to get rid of it. We can recommend a superb chapel laundry. See image submitted by customer.

The first white stripe with mold stains, the customer had tested a canopy cleaner which was obviously not very good.
The second white row, the customer had used the canopy cleaner we linked a little further up. Good luck with your chapel!


This is how you wash your boat canopy:

  • Wash your boat canopy with at most lukewarm water and soap.
    This is to prevent the canopy from shrinking or the coating from being destroyed.
  • Spray on the canopy cleaner when the canopy is still wet and massage in with a soft brush or sponge.
  • Let sit for 15-30 min. See instructions for use on the bottle.
  • You can also put the chapel in a tub with water and chapel wash. Weight down the canopy so that it lies below the surface of the water.
  • Rinse off all the agent thoroughly and let dry

In exposed areas, you may need to repeat the procedure.

You don't always need to impregnate after washing.
The canopy leaks and you need to impregnate so stand indoors or outside on a day when there is no wind. You want all the impregnation to end up on the canopy and not fly away with the wind.