Collection: Flipper boats

This is the original boat canopy for Flipper boats. To identify the correct model year, you can follow this:

During the 70s, there was a number plate by the fuse box, the drive control or the engine well. Starting in 1979, the hull number was cast into the upper left part of the transom under the molding. The number consisted of a 3-4 digit number and the model year. Ex: 850/79. Starting in 1983, Flipper began coding the model years. The hull number then consisted of a 3-4 digit number and two letters. Ex: 402HC = 1983 year model. 

HC=1983, HD=1984, HE=1985 HF=1986, HG=1987, HH=1988, HI=1989, I (K) J or IKK = 1990, IA = 1993. No Flipper boats were built between the years 1991-92 .

Starting in 1994, Flipper began molding the hull number on the right side of the transom below the molding according to the HIN standard. Ex:

FLP FI 50 E 95 = Flipper 620 C of the 1995 model year

FLP FI 159 L 5 96 = Flipper 630 HT of 1996 model year

FLP = Flipper, FI = Finland, 50 = Serial number, E = Month of manufacture (E = May), 95 = Model year


The age of Flipper boats can largely be determined by the coloring of the hull.

Early 70s, white hull with green stripe along the hull.

Until 1979, white/beige hull.

1979-1982, white hull with yellow stripe along the hull
1982-1988, white hull with dark blue stripe along the hull
1988-1995, white hull with light blue stripe along the bow
1995- white hull
The Flipper 410 GT had a white hull with a red stripe along the hull
During 1976-1979 Flipper 510 was completely yellow, in 1979-1982 it had a white hull with a yellow stripe along the hull and during the period 1982-1986 white hull with a dark blue stripe.