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Startron petrol is 250ml

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StarTron is a pioneering multifunctional enzyme additive for fuel. Enzymes are bio-catalysts. The enzymes in Startron are extracted from plants and cure all problems caused by ethanol gasoline. The fuel becomes anhydrous, which prevents the growth of microorganisms. At the same time, large fuel clusters are broken down to nano-size for complete combustion. This means improved power, less soot and better economy! The fuel molecules are stabilized for up to 2 years. Because StarTron contains only enzymes as an active ingredient, you do not have to worry about creating dangerous chemical reactions.

- StarTron prevents ethanol-based fuel problems
- Removes water in the fuel system
- Increases engine power
- Eliminates soot deposits and provides cleaner exhaust
- Stabilizes the fuel
- Improves fuel economy
- Breaks down dirt in the tank