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  • Epifanes primer under vattenytan
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Epiphanes Primer Primer - 2.0 l

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Epifane's underwater primer is a primer for use below the waterline. It contains bitumen and is reinforced with aluminum. This gives a strong, dense and water-repellent layer. The primer penetrates into cracks, which seal and stabilize the wood. Epifane's underwater primer is intended for both wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass below the waterline. Used as a full primer and / or for repairs before applying primer. The substrate must be dry and free of grease, oil and loose particles before applying the primer.

We recommend adding at least 4 coats. The first coat should be thinned with 10-25% Epifanes Brush Thinner for One-Component Varnish and Paint. The following coats can be thinned by 0-5%. Epifane's underwater primer provides good adhesion for primers, and can be overpainted with most types of primers. You should do a test on a small area to see if the primer and underwater primer work together. Remember to stir the contents of the container well before use. Drying time at 20 ° C and 65% relative humidity: Dust dry after 2 hours. Can be overpainted with a new coat of Epifane underwater primer or primer after 24 hours. At higher or lower temperatures these times are prolonged or shortened. Recommended thinner: Epifanes Brush thinner for one-component varnish and paint. Coverage: Approx. 10 m² per 750 ml.